Pharmacy, Radiology, Laboratory Science, Respiratory, and Therapy Jobs at UPMC

Allied Health professionals at UPMC work in a variety of areas. Critical in the diagnosis and treatment of our patients, their skills and knowledge impact the quality of care we deliver each and every day. With state-of-the-art facilities and many work locations to choose from, we offer multiple opportunities to explore your interests while supporting excellence in patient care.  

10 Most Recently Posted Allied Health Professional Opportunities

Job ID Job Title Location Job Family Created Date
686198 Pharmacist Williamsport, PA Pharmacy 04/26/2018
685736 Medical Lab Technician Pittsburgh, PA Labs 04/25/2018
685735 Medical Technologist Pittsburgh, PA Labs 04/25/2018
686729 Lead Medical Technologist Pittsburgh, PA Labs 04/25/2018
180000K8 Echocardiography Sonographer Seneca, PA Imaging 04/25/2018
677973 Pharmacy Intern - 4th Year Bridgeville, PA Pharmacy 04/25/2018
180000K7 Lead Echocardio Sonographer Pittsburgh, PA Imaging 04/25/2018
180000K6 Echocardiography Sonographer Erie, PA Imaging 04/25/2018
684026 Physical Therapist Pittsburgh, PA Allied Health 04/25/2018
684704 Medical Technologist/Medical Lab Technician Monroeville, PA Labs 04/25/2018
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