Job Description

Job Title: Sr. K-9 Police Officer
Job ID: 30116896
Status: Full-Time
Regular/Temporary: Regular
Shift: Rotating
Department: MAGEE - Security and Safety
Location: 300 Halket St, Pittsburgh PA 15213


The K-9 Police Officer will utilize a canine animal in the performance of his/her duties. Responsible for patrolling with and caring for a police dog in specialized duties such as bomb detection, building and room searches, suspect/missing persons tracking, maintain crowd control, and related law enforcement activities. Responsible for maintaining a safe and secure environment for patients, visitors, staff and all UPMC owned and adjacent properties. Enforces UPMC rules and regulations to both employees and the public. Patrols UPMC hospitals, buildings, grounds and associated areas to prevent, investigate, and document arson, theft and vandalism and any other criminal activity. Monitors security, fire, and environmental alarms. Assists in follow-up as necessary. Responds to and resolves problems, disputes and unusual circumstances as necessary. Provides customer service to patients, families, visitors and staff to maintain a safe and secure environment.Serves as a first responder to any violent act occurring at a UPMC location. Will be armed with a firearm. Oversees the operations of assigned shift and formally leads the daily operations of the department. Organizes and assigns work and provides daily instruction to staff regarding specific duties and assignments.


  • K-9 Police Officers work on assigned shifts tracking suspects or missing persons, locating hidden implements of a crime, searching buildings for suspects, assisting in searches for explosives or firearms, maintaining crowd control, and assisting in VIP security detail.
  • K-9 Police Officers will maintain at his/her place of residence a kennel according to the specification of the Department. If the K-9 Police Officer is unable to care for the K-9 for an extended period of time due to vacation or injury, the handler will make arrangements for proper kenneling. K-9s will not be left unattended in vehicles for any time that may cause undue discomfort to the K-9.
  • K-9s will be used as minimum force application; however, discretion will be used when juveniles are involved and/or danger exists for innocent bystanders. Prior to any K-9 being released to attack, a verbal warning shall be given and the suspect will have the opportunity to surrender.
  • Effectively utilize the K-9 in the performance of his/her duties including patrol functions, crowd control, locating potential explosive device, tracking persons and handling disruptive patients, visitors and staff.
  • Operate UPMC vehicles in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code and maintain any issued equipment. Inspects incoming / outgoing parcels as necessary to prevent theft of hospital property. Checks permission slips to remove discarded material from UPMC property. Testifies in legal proceedings as required. Prepare and complete all mandatory training programs as per departmental guidelines.
  • Provide continuous training to the assigned K-9. Tasked with the ability to issue PA state citations for certain criminal and traffic offenses, using specific law enforcement applications such as the PA Justice Network, and performing other law enforcement duties as necessary. Could be required to carry and deploy a defensive weapon such as a taser, pepper spray, batons, etc.
  • K-9 Police Officers will immediately notify the Director or designee, if their K-9 bites or injures any person or animal, whether on or off duty, regardless of the location of the injury. Reports of bites or other injuries shall be reported in writing as a Police Dog Bite on a standard D-3 Security incident form. A Use of Force Report will also be completed for dog bites. K-9 bites or other injuries occurring in other non-UPMC jurisdictions shall be reported to the law enforcement agency of that jurisdiction. K-9 Police
  • The K-9 Police Officer's work schedule will consist of a 40-hour workweek of which 35 hours will be devoted solely to job related duties; the remaining five hours are intended to compensate the handler for K-9 related care.
  • Maintain security and safety of UPMC buildings, persons, property, and assets. Serves as a member of the fire response team and responds to various security-related alarms. Responds to emergency calls for assistance, and disasters. Investigates incidents of unusual circumstances reported by UPMC staff, visitors, physicians and patients Completion of reports and incident documentation as necessary. Control evidence, valuables, lost/found as necessary.
  • K-9 Police Officers will ensure that the K-9 is not abused.
  • Must be able to investigate criminal and non-criminal matters and write investigative reports and enter them into the computerized D-3 Incident report system.
  • K-9s should not be allowed to drink from public fountains nor to soil public or private property whenever possible.
  • Upon death of a K-9, the Officer shall immediately notify the Director or designee of the death and notify the veterinarian to determine if a necropsy is necessary, and, if so, where the K-9 should be taken.
  • Provides customer service to patients, families, visitors and staff and maintains a safe and secure environment through protection and enforcement of local laws, UPMC policies, procedures, rules and regulations. Handles disruptive visitors, patients, and staff by verbal communication, physical intervention and/or arrests as necessary. Assists with traffic control as necessary.
  • Officers will present their police dogs to the designated veterinarian for examination within 24 hours of any biting incident.
  • K-9 Police Officers shall report all injuries and illnesses of the K-9 to the Director or designee. The handler will also complete a Police dog Injury or Illness report and deliver it to the Director or designee. All injuries or illnesses of an emergency nature shall be reported to the designated veterinarian immediately. Non-emergency cases shall be reported to the veterinarian within the next clinic hours.
  • K-9 Police Officers will follow all infection control protocols


  • High School or equivalent and 4 years of security related/law enforcement experience, OR 
  • Associate's degree in Criminal Justice or related field and 3 years of experience 
  • Skill in working with dogs, and interest in the application of dogs to law enforcement. 
  • K-9 Police Officers must successfully complete an initial 12 week training program, attain appropriate certificate, and attend refresher courses as scheduled. 
  • Failure to successfully complete the training program will result in reassignment or termination.
  • K-9 Police Officers must also live at a home with adequate space for the placement of a department-provided kennel.  
  • K-9 will travel to and from work with the officer using departmental issued travel crate. 
  • Excellent customer service skills required to handle all levels of personnel, patients, and visitors 
  • High level of integrity required for handling sensitive/confidential UPMC information. 
  • Ability to defuse and handle distraught or hostile person(s) in a professional manner required 
  • Good oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills 
  • Good interpersonal skills; able to deal with stress and potentially dangerous conflict situations. 
  • All applicants will be subject to a thorough background and criminal record check 
  • Must be available for all shifts 
  • Guards/Officers are required to wear a bullet proof vest

Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) OR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Driver's License
  • UPMC Physical Fitness Standard
  • Act 235 with Firearms or Act 235 without Firearms. Must meet audio and visual standards outlined in Act 235 at time of hire
  • Act 31 Child Abuse Reporting
  • Act 33 with renewal
  • Act 34 with renewal
  • Act 501
  • Act 73 FBI Clearance

  • UPMC is an equal opportunity employer. Minority/Females/Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities

    Salary Range: $0 / hour

    Union Position: Yes

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