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UPMC is proud to be a place where talented young professionals discover their purpose, grow their skills, and pave the paths for lifelong journeys of impact.

Student Opportunities at UPMC

Your Future Starts Here

From a high school student looking to gain part-time experience in the medical field, to a college junior searching for the perfect internship, to a recent graduate yearning for mentorship, and all students in between no matter where you are on the road of education, your next step could be at UPMC.

Nursing Opportunities

With programs designed to develop and encourage young talent, UPMC sets new nurses up for success from day one of their careers.

Student Nurse Internship

Gain hands-on nursing experience on various clinical units, receive one-on-one guidance from a trained preceptor, and build your confidence as a future nurse.

  • Who Should Apply: College junior-level or equivalent nursing students
  • Program Info: Full-time, paid 10-week internship
  • Application Timeframe: August 15-March 30
  • Program Starts: May

Graduate Nursing Opportunities

UPMC’s Graduate Nurse offerings allow you to find your home within our team of nurses when you’re ready, including the option to secure a position up to a year before your graduation date! You can explore and gain experience in a variety of specialties through the GN Rotational Program, or opt for GN Direct Unit Placement if you already know the hospital, specialty, and unit you are interested in.

Business & Corporate Opportunities

When you’re on the launching pad of your career, UPMC offers the resources and opportunities to build meaningful careers in professional and corporate spaces.

Summer Associates Program

Apply your studies and gain practical experience through exposure to real-world business opportunities in your area of interest.

  • Who Should Apply: College juniors and seniors
  • Program Info: Full-time, paid 11-week internship
  • Participating Areas: Supply Chain, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources
  • Application Timeframe: August-October
  • Program Starts: June

Finance Management Rotation (FMR) Program

Explore your finance and accounting interests as you gain broad exposure to UPMC’s operations, participate in networking and mentorship opportunities, and prepare for a leadership role on our team.

  • Who Should Apply: College seniors and recent college graduates
  • Program Info: Three-year, full-time, paid program with three 12-month rotations
  • Application Timeframe: August-October
  • Program Starts: January and June

Information Technology Rotational Program

An accelerated learning program for young professionals pursuing an IT career, UPMC’s ITR Program offers hands-on experience across multiple divisions of UPMC with rewarding projects that directly affect operations and patient care.

  • Who Should Apply: Recent college graduates
  • Program Info: Two-year, full-time paid program with four six-month rotations
  • Application Timeframe: August-October
  • Program Starts: January and June

Administrative Leadership Programs

Get to know high-level executives across UPMC’s divisions as you explore a variety of core functional areas in administrative programs designed for graduate-level students with a passion for health care management.

Administrative Leadership Programs

  • Who Should Apply: Students pursuing a master’s-level degree
  • Program Info: 500-hour, full-time paid internship
  • Application Timeframe: October-November
  • Residency Starts: Mid-May

Administrative Fellowship Program

  • Who Should Apply: Students pursuing a master’s-level degree
  • Program Info: 500-hour, full-time paid internship
  • Application Timeframe: October-November
  • Residency Starts: Mid-May

Clinical & Research Opportunities

UPMC offers students and young professionals a variety of additional ways to engage with UPMC and gain exposure to future career opportunities.

Medical Student Residencies and Fellowships

Across UPMC, medical residencies and fellowships are offered in a variety of locations, departments, and specialties. If you are a medical student who would like to do a rotation at UPMC, work with your academic institution to ensure an agreement is in place.

Student Research Training Program

Learn the rationale, design strategies, and methods of biomedical research as a research assistant, working alongside experienced researchers in one of the fastest growing pediatric research programs in the U.S.

  • Who Should Apply: Undergraduate college students
  • Program Info: Full-time, paid 8-week program
  • Application Timeframe: October-December
  • Program Starts: June

Schooling & Training Opportunities

UPMC Schools of Nursing

Looking for the right nursing school for you? With six campuses throughout Pennsylvania and a variety of program lengths to suit your learning and lifestyle needs, UPMC Schools of Nursing can help you become a Registered Nurse in as little as 16 months.

UPMC Schools of Nursing participate in grant and loan programs for students with financial need. Plus, students who enroll in 2024 and successfully complete their first semester are eligible to receive up to $7,000 in tuition reimbursement for all remaining semesters – and you’ll secure a nursing position with UPMC before you graduate!

UPMC Schools of Surgical Technology

Experience world-class surgical training with day one experience in UPMC’s state-of-the-art operating rooms, learn from experienced educators and top ranked surgeons, and graduate ready to make Life Changing Medicine happen in UPMC’s operating rooms.

With tuition starting at $0, UPMC Schools of Surgical Technology are creating equitable access to high-quality education for all.

UPMC Schools of Radiography

Learn the ins and outs of medical imaging like X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and more using leading technology and advanced equipment. With campuses in Pennsylvania and New York, UPMC Schools of Radiography can help you kickstart a rewarding imaging career.

College/University Partnerships & Apprenticeships

Additional Opportunities

Looking to find a career that works for you? Craving an inside look at health care career options? Searching for roles designed for students? UPMC has you covered.

High School Job Opportunities

Across UPMC, you’ll find job opportunities in both clinical and non-clinical fields that require only a high school education (or less), allowing you to jump right into the workforce, find the field that suits you best, and launch an exciting and impactful career.

Student Jobs

Looking for a role that works with your class schedule and schoolwork? UPMC offers an array of roles designed for working students, offering you the hands-on experience and flexibility you need to succeed.

Additional Programs and Opportunities

Not seeing something you’re interested in? We’re always adding new positions, so be sure to use our Job Search tool to find your fit at UPMC!

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